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 We at Jeffrey's are pleased to offer our clients the option to book online. Please follow the instructions below to schedule your appointment. To start the process, click the link above. If you have any questions please call the salon at (317)419-2773.

1. All of Jeffrey’s guests, whether you’ve visited us before or are making your very first appointment, should first click the “New Customer Signup” link (see arrow in the image below).


2. Next, enter your information into the fields (example shown in the image below), and then click the “Log In” button.


3. On the "Menu Choices" screen, click “Book Appointment”.


4. On the next page, there are 2 steps. First, use the calendar to select the date you would like to book. Underneath the calendar, use the drop-down menu to select your desired earliest and latest appointment start times.


Step 2 is underneath the calendar, and allows you to select the services you would like to request. To rebook a service from your previous visits, check the box next to the service (see red arrow in image below). You have the option to search across all available stylists’ books, not only the stylist that is listed. If you would like to search across all stylists’ books, turn on this option (see yellow arrow). Next, click the “Continue Booking” button. Alternatively, if you would like to select new or different services, select the Employee (or “Any Available Employee”) and the service(s) you would like (see green arrows). Finally, click the “Continue Booking” button below your selections.


5. The system will search for available times based on your selections. Available times will be shown in red text. Click the time you would like to book. Note: if no times are available for the date you requested, you will see a list of available dates close to the original date you requested. Click the alternative date you would like, and you will be returned to the previous screen to start a new search on the alternative date you selected.


6. On the following screen, confirm your requested appointment date, services, and time. To finalize your booking, click “Book the appointment” (see red arrow below).

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